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Update 0.6 aka "Monolithic Remnants" is out NOW!

Hey Scavengers,

we know that it took a bit longer but trust me the wait was worth it!

We present to you the Monolithic Remnats update!

New enemies, new quests, new equipment extentions, new ship layouts, raised level cap and much MUCH MORE!

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ANCESTORS LEGACY brings handful of new content!

Ancestors Legacy, the history-inspired squad-based real-time strategy, has been out for a month and the developers at Destructive Creations, together with 1C, would like to present their plans for future improvements and expansion of the title. This will offer an enhanced player experience and more content. Some of the roadmap items are commented on, in more depth and in a very personable manner, by Tomasz Gop, Destructive Creations’ producer, in a fresh DEVLOG VIDEO -

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HAIMRIK unleashed the power of words today!

1C opened the magic book today and released Haimrik – the monochrome action adventure, full of warriors, wizards, dragons, ogres, a man-eating lioness and a couple more odd characters. Haimrik uses words as the core of its gameplay mechanics, where they not only present the narrative, but they can also become real objects for the young scribe Haimrik, the game’s main character.

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