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New Screenshots from Rig'n'Roll!

New images from Rig'n'Roll appeared in the Gallery section. The game is the third one in the famous Hard Truck series. This time the world is true-to-life. Players can race high-powered Semis along thousands miles, visiting such cities like San-Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Los Angeles and many other Californian cities.

Rig'n'Roll delivers players the ultimate truck driving experience with authentic models of trucks and their interiors. Check the new screenshots here.

Fantasy Wars Behind Scenes!

We are glad to invite you to the world of Fantasy Wars, the game is ready to reveal its secrets. Find out all about the development of this award-winning turn-based strategy game at RPG Vault!

Read all about character animation, why one of the heroes reminds the developers of Michael Jackson. Discover the secret of mystery the Big Red Button and find out much more about the development of Fantasy Wars!

Fantasy Wars diary can be found here.

New Star Wolves 2 Screenshots!

New screenshots from Stars Wolves 2 are available here.

Star Wolves 2 is a 3D space RPG with deep strategy and tactical elements. The game thrusts players into a world of freelance space hunters during a time of war for the all-powerful Empire. Human space pirates, rogue AI computers that rebelled against humanity and Aliens roam space in search of easy prey and planets to conquer. Please check your local retailers for the game.

Two New 1C Titles Ship to Retail Stores Across North America!

1C Company and Atari, Inc. announced today that both Fantasy Wars and Swashbucklers: Blue vs. Grey for Windows PC have shipped to retailers across North America.

Fantasy Wars is rated "T" for Teen and is now available at a suggested retail price of $39.99. Swashbucklers: Blue vs. Grey is rated “M” for Mature, and is now available at a suggested retail price of $19.99. Both titles were produced by 1C, a leading publisher and distributor of computer games in Eastern and Central Europe.

"The blending of turn-based strategy and role-playing elements in Fantasy Wars and action and role-playing elements in Swashbucklers is sure to captivate gamers," said Todd Slepian, Producer, Atari, Inc. "The release of these two titles solidifies our relationship with 1C and our commitment to distributing fun-filled games."

You can read about Fantasy Wars here, find out more about Swashbucklers: Blue vs. Grey here.

New Screenshots from Rush Hour: Streets of Moscow!

New screenshots from the game are available in the Gallery section! Rush Hour: Streets of Moscow is a sequel to the racing game Adrenalin. This time the show is over and Rush Hour hits the streets of Moscow. This is the world of reckless high-speed races during rush hour, crazy stunts and nighttime drag competitions.

You can find the screenshots from the Streets of Moscow here.

Fantasy Wars in Germany!

1C Company officially announces that Fantasy Wars, a turn-based strategy game set in a fantasy world, has been released in Germany on Friday, October 26. Please check your local retailers for the game.

Death to Spies Demo Available!

Death to Spies English demo is added to Downloads section. The game is a TPS stealth-action that allows the player to act as a captain of the Soviet counterintelligence service. He is a professional spy trained to execute dangerous operations on his own.

The demo includes "Cannibal" mission that can be completed in four difficulty levels. Captain Strogov has to sneak onto military base, kidnap his enemy who holds important data and get secret documents. You can download the demo here.

Fantasy Wars scores 9 out of 10!

Fantasy Wars scored 9 out of 10 in Fantasy World magazine. "Ino-Co managed to create an interesting, rich project of very high quality standards that old-school veterans and newbie gamers will definitely enjoy" comments the author. “Good game balance and well thought-out missions' structure give an opportunity to smash up enemy units with numerical superiority in comparison with your own army.”

Among other advantages of the game the magazine mentions interesting and well-balanced missions, wide opportunities for tactical maneuver and charismatic characters.

Another Editor's Choice for Fantasy Wars!

Fantasy Wars scored 8.6 out of 10 and received Editor's Choice Award on popular Russian game portal

"We can admit the return of Fantasy General under new guise, game caused gamers and journalists to remember about wargames ", says review. Perfect game balance, addictive gameplay, excellent system of picking up the forces and nice-looking graphics and game videos are also mentioned in the article. Read full article in Russian here.

ATARI Ships Three Games with 1C!

One of the world’s most recognized brands and a third-party video game publisher Atari today announced that You Are Empty, Death to Spies and Dawn of Magic for Windows PC have shipped to retailers across North America.

Projects are all rated M for Mature and will each be available at the suggested retail price of $29.95.
“We are excited to bring these innovative 1C titles to the North American market,” said Todd Slepian, Producer, Atari, Inc. “Each title offers players a unique world to discover and fascinating gameplay: You are Empty throws gamers into an alternate history of the late 1950’s Soviet Union, Death to Spies offers players a chance to be stealth spies during World War II, and Dawn of Magic presents a medieval world where players must rely solely on magic. These games offer intense immersive gameplay with interesting twists on tried and true genres.”