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UFO: Afterlight Public Demo

The release date of UFO: Afterlight is coming up fast and the day has come when we let you smell the martian air for the first time. You can get to know the Afterlight team in the today revealed Public Demo.

The demo allows you to test all features of the final game for whole 10 game days. You will be able to go through all options in the strategic part and experience tactical action in approximately 5 randomly generated missions.

Download the demo from: FileFront, FanGaming, Fileplanet, GameSpot or SpawnPoint

UFO: Afterlight Final Trailer and Gameplay Movie

Check out the new UFO: Afterlight Trailer and Gameplay Movie to shorten your time of waiting for UFO: Afterlight February 2007 release.


UFO: Afterlight release date announcement

UFO: Afterlight, a third game in the modern UFO series, will hit the shelves on 9th February 2007.

Following the successful UFO: Aftermath and UFO: Aftershock, UFO: Afterlight will build on the current gameplay and story, extending on and developing its proven qualities while adding some new features.

Open the Press Release for more information.

El Matador Patch 1.1

Following issues are addressed in El Matador patch version 1.1. Please note that this patch is NOT applicable to German version.

  • Added widescreen displays support
  • Added refresh rate selection to options dialog
  • Added some performance optimizations
  • Added antialiasing quality selection to options dialog
  • Fixed WindowBlinds incompatibility issue
  • Fixed NVidia \ OpenAL performance issue
  • Fixed occasional visibility culling artifacts (does not apply if using saved games from non-patched version)
  • Fixed task switching
  • Fixed task switching sound issues
  • Fixed task switching + dual monitor cursor clipping issues
  • Fixed occasional camera shake problem after loading of saved game
  • Fixed 'disconnected camera' issue
  • Fixed Win2K DirectInput problem
  • Fixed FOV issues
  • Fixed music volume option saving \ restoring
  • Fixed minor timer precision issues
  • Fixed UI rendering vs HDR bloom issues
  • Fixed input system smoothness issues
  • Fixed cutscene skip issue in Jungle2 mission

Two New El Matador Demos

Check out two new El Matador English demos to get a taste of the game releasing in September.

In the first demo you can try one level of Fire on Water chapter while in the second demo you will find one level of The City of Eternal Spring chapter.

Download the First Demo from Gamespot, Fileplanet, Strategyinformer, Fangaming, Filefront or via Torrent.

Download the Second Demo from Gamespot, Fileplanet, Strategyinformer, Fangaming, Filefront or via Torrent.

New In-game Video from El Matador

New In-game Video from El Matador is available for download now.

More information about this exciting 3rd person action game set in the environment of the Central and South America can be found on the El Matador subpage or on the El Matador official game website.

El Matador and UFO: Afterlight at E3 2006 in Los Angeles

CENEGA PUBLISHING presents its lineup for this year’s E3 Expo!

CENEGA PUBLISHING, a central European publisher presents its titles for the Electronics Entertainment Expo, the E3, in Los Angeles, California this year. Cenega already brought a number of quality titles to gamers all around the world and will continue to do so with the two forthcoming titles ready for presentation at the E3, El Matador and UFO: Afterlight.

Read the full text in the Press Release.

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